Back Pain SOS Review – Dont Buy Back Pain SOS Before Reading This 2022

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Before you spend your money on Back Pain SOS you should be aware of some important points of it. In this Back Pain SOS review, we will analyze each and every important point about this program.

According To ACA Today, 80% of the population will experience a back pain problem at some time in their lives so you are not alone who is suffering from this.

Back pain SOS is getting a lot of attention online as it is a program that is helping people get their back pain fixed. There are many reviews claiming that this program is worth it and is helping people. So let’s find out is it really helpful or not!

Back Pain SOS Review

Back Pain SOS Review
Back Pain SOS Review

Who is the creator of Back Pain SOS

Creator Of Back Pain SOS
Creator Of Back Pain SOS

This Back Pain SOS program is created by  Dr. Virgil Pruteanu an Olympic Recovery Specialist. Dr.

Pruteanu has treated thousands of people with his methods. This program is based on the principles mentioned in the book Back Pain SOS.

Due to the program’s positive feedback, it has gained widespread popularity online. There are many positive Back pain SOS reviews posted on the internet.

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Official Site Of Back Pain SOS

What if there was an ancient secret to bulletproof your back to pain. Embedded in the poop protocols of an ancient Himalayan king passed down to his warriors and citizens that made them virtually immune to the modern scourge of back pain

Would you want to know what it is?

You see here’s what’s crazy chronic back pain herniated discs and sciatica. They’re almost non-existent in less developed primitive cultures.

That’s right less advanced societies like that ancient Himalayan king with far less medical expertise and resources

Don’t have near the problem with back pain we do but it was this very disconnect that troubled an injury recovery expert so much that it led him to a worldwide search for answers and he wouldn’t quit until he could uncover the truth about what made these cultures so immune

So resistant to the kind of chronic back pain that immobilizes countless Americans every day.

After years of relentless searching, he finally uncovered the answer and wasted no time in applying this time-proven method to heal his own clients

Clients like Olympic weightlifters who had entered their backs beyond the skill and reach of conventional western medicine and it were this odd but revolutionary poop protocol stretch that ultimately helped take those Olympians from the injured reserve list

Straight to the medal stand in the 2012 London Olympics you see where conventional western medicine had failed them completely

This ancient approach succeeded brilliantly the typical western approach to back pain looks like this

  • Dangerous prescription meds
  • Bed rest and inactivity
  • An endless stream of appointments with pricey specialists

This not only drains the bank account and gives false hope but more often than not it can actually make back pain worse

Compounding and perpetuating this modern epidemic condemning millions of Americans to the “Pain maze”.

It’s become a vicious cycle with no end in sight. Sadly western medicine continues to rely on an outdated protocol that merely serves to feed the industrial, medical money machine and keep sufferers in the “pain maze”

Indefinitely a shocking new report reveals the extent to which Americans continue to struggle with chronic back pain and search for answers

What’s worse this report shows in black and white the extent to which the system has failed them

Back pain sufferers bounce from specialist to specialist until eventually, they give up. Obviously, the system is sinfully broken.

All those appointments follow-ups referrals and prescriptions end up lining the pockets of big pharma and the industrial medical fat cats

Back Pain sos for Women

While the majority of Americans continue to suffer. Clearly, the system is designed to keep their money machine running

It’s not meant to solve your endless back pain for them keeping you in pain keeps money in their pockets

See the lack of incentive to truly help you?. If you’ve asked yourself “how is this horrible epidemic possible in the “birthplace of miraculous modern medicine?”.

You are not alone and clearly not your fault western medicine has failed you so spectacularly. But here is your chance for sweet relief and with all my heart

I urge you to read all the way through before big pharma and the back pain industry try to take it down so they keep you as lifetime customers.

I Need Just 10 Of Your Precious Time To Help You

Now if you will grace me with your attention for the next 10 minutes. I’ll reveal to you what these back pain immune cultures have done for centuries to bulletproof their backs to pain and in just a minute I’ll show you the secret ancient Himalayan poop protocol stretch that can help unlock even the most stubborn tight fragile and painful back

It’s a stretch you can do anywhere anytime and it doesn’t matter how old you are what kind of shape you’re in or how long you’ve been suffering from chronic back pain

Because this stretch targets the control center of your back the one place where virtually every muscle nerve and tendon in your back connects and influences the health of your entire body

Once you learn this one movement to access your control center you’ll be on your way out of the pain maze

This protocol is so powerful it’s the secret weapon that keeps black belt martial artists young, spry, and pain-free even though their backs take a beating day after day

It’s the exact same back recovery system that’s helped Olympic weight lifters stand proudly on the podium after they thought they would be forever crippled by dream stealing back pain

It’s the covert training secret helping special ops warriors stay in the fight and defend freedom

This system can help erase years of back pain even if you’re suffering from the searing pain of sciatica or a dreaded herniated disc

Again I implore you to read this special report all the way through there are powerful forces within the industrial medical establishment who will stop at nothing to protect their gravy train

After all hospital funding depends on how well they can resolve pain enter the opioid epidemic

I’ve already received veiled threats from some in the medical establishment warning me to remove this website

They are massively threatened by the prospect that Americans could finally be free of their back pain 100% naturally

Without drugs without surgery and without the endless office visits that line their pockets.

Get Rid Of Your Joint Pain With Curcumin 2000

Now you may be wondering why I’m so passionate about helping people with their back pain

Hi my name is Isabella Stambulski and after month upon endless month of debilitating back pain and after crying endless tears because of the life I had lost

After feeling betrayed by a medical system that stole my money and my hope and after finally resorting to last-ditch efforts like ingesting scorpion venom just to try and get an hour’s worth of relief with no absolutely no answers and with zero help at all from the industrial medical establishment

I felt like I had been abandoned in the “pain maze” with no exit in sight. Right when I felt most hopeless and most abandoned by the medical profession

Almost by accident, I was introduced to an Olympic recovery specialist I mentioned earlier, He’s made it his life’s work to study and learn from these cultures with bulletproof backs and introduce what he has learned to the millions upon millions of back pain sufferers begging for a real solution

It’s a solution so simple you can do at home and it won’t cost you thousands of dollars nor does it require expensive and risky surgery

In fact, it may save you from that fate it won’t require hours upon hours of therapy or an endless chain of referrals to the next specialist

All it will require is about 12 minutes of your time so if you have just 12 minutes a day to invest in finally becoming free of back pain in the next 12 minutes

I’ll tell you everything you need to know to get much needed and deserved relief heading your way so you too can bulletproof your back and get your young back back

After all, I’d spent month after month in the “Pain Maze” after a crippling car accident my life felt like it was over far too soon most nights

I cried myself to sleep desperately wanting someone to take me by the hand and leave me out of the pain maze of confusing and conflicting back pain information

That all ended for good the moment I met Virgil sprouting almost by chance and as I limped into his office he smiled at me with compassion and with a confidence that began to give me hope his confidence was well-founded

As I walked in I saw photo after photo of smiling faces they were everyday people that had found the pain maze exit for good

Success stories -Everywhere

Like joanna s who said “I didn’t think I could ever walk again as I did before the accident thanks to you I can” or Michaela m who gushed: “I was diagnosed with untreatable lumbar scoliosis After only one session I feel great this helped me move again. Well done Virgil”

I was hoping beyond hope I might become one of them. But before I experienced that amazing breakthrough for myself

Virgil had to break through a handful of back pain lies I had so strongly believed in for years. In fact, Virgil helped me destroy three Olympic-sized back pain lies.

These lies kept me imprisoned in my pain maze and worse they kept me from living the life I wanted to live

These three lies keep you locked in the pain maze

Now if you still haven’t found the exit of the pain maze don’t be too hard on yourself

The health care system in America even though it’s the most advanced in the world has been broken for years

Also, keep in mind that these are the same lies the back pain industry has held up as gospel truth for decades

Like mark twain said “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes”

But as of right now you’ll finally be able to see through these lies and expose them for yourself

Just as Virgil did as the lead back health trainer for a team of Olympic weight lifters in the 2012 London games

Now here are the three back pain lies I hope you never fall for again

Lie #1

Chronic back pain is like death and taxes you just have to learn to live with it

“Thanks, Virgil this is a miracle I almost forgot how to smile. I thought i just needed to get used to this pain you managed to fix my spondylosis. Thank you and i strongly recommend this” ~Anisoara I.

“Well done thanks to you I’m entirely functional again.” Carmen B

In just a minute I’ll tell you about Dimitri one of Virgil’s patients like me he’d suffered debilitating back pain caused by an accident and was told he just had to learn to manage it with pills in a wheelchair

Until he discovered Virgil’s all-natural back pain correcting system. The result let’s just say the transformation is of biblical proportions

Like Dimitri, “learning to live with it ” and managing the pain with pills was the lie I had believed up until I met Virgil

You don’t have to just “live with it”

But unfortunately, this is how the system is set up it gets you chasing an endless chain of interventions which ultimately prove to be ineffective at best and massively harmful at worst

Which leads people to believe their chronic back pain is a life sentence. Check out this shocking news report that exposed how the existing health care system is rigged to perpetuate this lie

Pain management techniques like RX meds joint blocks epidural disc procedures and ligament injections increased by 95 percent in the five years between 1998 and 2003.

Back Pain Sos for men

What’s worse those same techniques and procedures more than doubled to 222 % in the same five years within the medicare population

How sinister is it that the back pain industry targets the aging generation taking even greater advantage of us?

in cahoots with the opioid industry what’s worse the back pain industry is in bed with the opioid industry

A solution with two catastrophic problems check this out

Problem one: Pain pills only treat the symptoms of the problem not the cause and as you’ll see in just a minute even if they’re anti-inflammatories these pills interrupt your body’s natural healing process and keep you in a perpetual state of pain and dependence

Problem Two: Pain relievers can be deadly the opioid dependency crisis has reached epidemic proportions here in the US

Americans are addicted and get this opioid are 80 to 100 times stronger and more addictive than morphine fentanyl the most common synthetic opioid was developed specifically for the pain management industry that loves repeat customers

It’s easy to see why Americans account for nearly one-third of the world’s fentanyl consumption and it’s obvious that the back pain industry has no interest in you actually becoming free

Opioids is three times more deadly than heroin even though opioids kill three times as many Americans as heroin

In fact, opioid abuse claims 130 American lives every single day. Yet prescribing pills continue to be option number one for the back pain industry

In 2014 two opioid prescriptions were given out for every three Americans. If you’ve ever been handed pills and were told it was the solution to your back pain I do not blame you for feeling massively taken advantage of

I know I did when I started to see this lie for what it is it’s no wonder the back pain industry wants to silence simple all-natural success stories like mine!

Chronic Back Pain is Reversible

Listen contrary to the back pain industries lie chronic back pain is not just something you have to learn to manage with a life-stealing prescription

It is reversible you don’t just have to learn to manage the pain and live with it you see after just one encounter with Virgil’s all-natural system I was finally walking pain-free

I was no longer experiencing the sharp stabbing and searing pain I had struggled with for months and the joy I felt the day I became pain-free it’s simply hard to find the words

“Walking Leaping and Dancing for Joy”

Well I’m sure you can imagine for yourself how ecstatic you’d be if right now in this very moment all you felt was lightness and ease in your body

Now it was during that first visit with Virgil that he told me about Dimitri Imprisoned in a wheelchair for six years after falling victim to the back pain industry’s assault on his back with pills injections and surgery he’d finally been told he just have to learn to live with it

That his chronic back pain was permanent and irreversible He had a medicine cabinet chock full of dangerous prescriptions so many it was hard to keep track of

But through Virgil’s all-natural system Dimitri was able to see through this vicious lie ditch his wheelchair and start walking again

I can only imagine can you imagine what Dimitri felt as he started walking again for the first time in six years???

I imagine he felt like the lame man Jesus healed now can you imagine what your life will feel like when you’re able to dissolve the belief that you’ll have to learn to live with pain or forever have to manage pain

If you’ve believed your chronic back pain is permanent forever your fate Please know this: It’s not true and it’s not your fault for believing so it’s the result of a well-run financially incentivized pharmaceutical propaganda campaign

That’s been horribly successful in keeping millions imprisoned to outdated protocols and back pain meds for decades

I’m a different woman thanks to Virgil I had suffered for a long time with a herniated disc after only one session I felt great

All the other methods I tried were pain pills injections all kinds of procedures and anti-inflammatory drugs that didn’t help at all and were so expensive I feel so very good now

“I want to thank Virgil from the bottom of my heart and I warmly recommend what he teaches” Liliana o.

You see there is hope and it comes in the form of one of the most common molecules on planet earth It’s the single most uncommon molecule present in your back

When it comes to chronic back pain and I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this one molecule in just a minute but first, you need to buckle your seatbelt for back pain lie number two

It has to do with the mysterious source of just about every instance of chronic back pain that you can think of

Lie #2

Lie number two finding the true source of back pain is like finding a needle in a haystack

I’m sure you’ve been told finding lasting relief for your chronic back pain is a long confusing and exhausting journey and that’s likely what brought you to this free presentation today

Like most people struggling with chronic back pain, it can feel like you’re in a maze going round and round

Seeing one specialist after another bouncing from one approach to the next, trying muscle relaxers anti-inflammatories and prescription meds experimenting with dangerous injections, or even try drinking strange concoctions like scorpion venom as I did

While never finding a lasting solution the solution is sacred but what if the answer wasn’t nearly as complex and mysterious as all those specialists have made it seem?

What if I told you there’s one region about nine inches square that actually holds the one key to unlocking back pain no matter where it’s found in your back

Take a look at this illustration Virgil showed me in his office. Although it looks complicated it actually reveals the one specific area where the majority of your soft tissue muscles tendons and nerves connects

The one region that unlocks virtually every single instance of back pain and while the anatomy of the back looks complicated it truly isn’t

Because what causes pain in all of us and thus what relieves pain in all of us is not some needle in a haystack

You just have to know where to look and Virgil revealed that to me as well Take a look at this close-up of the same illustration this is considered your back’s sacral region or sacral plexus

The ancient Greeks and Romans both named the sacrum the holy bone the sacred temple of your back

Traditionally recognized as the temple of the back It’s little wonder when you see how crucial this region is

Now do you see how busy this area is especially compared to the rest of your back

What Virgil showed me is that this region functions as the control center of your back virtually every nerve muscle and tendon in your back either attaches to or passes through this all-important sacral plexus

How to Control the Control Center

Now here’s what’s critical for you to understand about this control center the health of your whole back depends on the health of your sacral plexus and in almost all of Virgil’s patients fixing the problem of back pain starts and stops with your sacral complex

Even if you have sciatic pain shooting down your leg or if the pain is radiating up into your neck

That pain has a connection to your sacral plexus but Virgil noticed something very alarming about chronic back pain

90% of adults experience back pain at some point in their lives and back pain is now the leading cause of disability in people under 45 years old

Where back pain is non-existent however Virgil discovered something equally astounding chronic back pain is virtually non-existent in non-industrialized primitive cultures

These non-industrialized primitive cultures all have one posture in common a culture-wide daily posture that helps promote the health of the holy bone automatically

It’s a daily movement that’s part of everyday life and it’s helping keep these individuals immune to chronic back pain

You’ll also want to know that industrialized countries abandoned this pose centuries ago right when chronic back pain arrived on our shores

The skeleton key to chronic back pain but the primitive pose Virgil showed me and I’ll tell you about it in just a minute is the one key first step in reversing back pain

The skeleton key to unlocking your sacral plexus so you can start getting you the pain relief you want need and deserve

Finally allowing you to get your young back back

Visit Site To Get Full Info

What Is Back Pain SOS?

Back Pain SOS
Back Pain SOS

The Back Pain SOS is a program that consists of various physical activities that are designed to relieve back pain. It uses the concept of the Sequential Oxygen System.

The SOS system helps open up the oxygen in the body and regulate the amount of blood flow.

This program is made using the concept of the sacral plexus, which is a type of stretching that can help relieve back pain.

Back pain is a common cause of disability for people who work or go to the hospital. It can be triggered by various factors such as a muscle injury, sciatica, or stabbing sensation.

An underlying disease can also cause back pain if it gets worse due to excessive physical pressure on the spine. This program will help you get back to a healthy lifestyle.

Back Pain SOS is a revolutionary system that will help you get rid of back pain without having to go to a specialist. It eliminates the pain without using medications or performing painful exercises.

Back Pain SOS is a comprehensive program that will help you get rid of chronic back pain and prevent other complications such as sciatica. It will also help you live a happy and pain-free life.

According to the author, this program can help individuals with chronic back pain eliminate it. Through a variety of exercises, this program can help people get rid of the pain without causing it to last for a long time.

How Back Pain SOS Works?

Most Back Pain relief programs have a plan that includes stretching exercises. However, doing these sessions will most likely require a lot of time and effort.

Back Pain SOS is a revolutionary program that can help people suffering from low back pain.

It uses powerful stretching exercises to help reduce pain and restore function.

This book contains a variety of exercises and movements that can help you open up and reduce back pain. It explains how to use the Sequential Oxygen System to get the most out of your body.

Doing back stretching exercises can help improve circulation and relieve pain. This program is great for people with back pain.

Features of Back Pain SOS

  • This Back Pain SOS program will teach you to increase the amount of oxygen in every cell in your body then you can relax with your 4-dimensional exercise.
  • This program will teach you to step by step movements to improve your condition without muscle or joint pain
  • The Backhand 3 Pointer is the best indicator for movement control. It helps expand your tissues naturally and correctly.
  • Your body can now become stronger so it can endure the inevitable changes caused by climate conditions. It can also perform various activities that are needed for relaxation.

Pros And Cons Of Back Pain SOS


Easy To Understand –

There are Videos available for everyone that contains step-by-step methods and there is also one PDF available with instructions to make it easier.

Easy To Follow –

As I said earlier there are videos available that make this program super easy to follow.

Affordable For Everyone –

As for everyone, it is very affordable to get started with Back Pain SOS. You do not need to spend a fortune to get started with this program.

Available For Both Men and Women –

There are a lot of programs that cater to the needs of men only. However, this program is for both men and women.

For all age groups

The exercises in this book can be adapted to fit different age groups. This Pain SOS by Virgil Pruteanu contains easy-to-follow exercises with full instructions that can do anyone.


Requires Patience –

You have to follow the routines and exercise as mentioned for a certain period of time with patience and then you will get your bulletproof back with no pain.

Requires Efforts –

This is not like some other fake products and that’s why it requires your efforts to make it work. For some people, it can be very challenging to get their back pain under control.

Not Available In Retail Stores –

You will not find this program in retail stores and there are other duplicate programs are available too. So make sure to buy it from their official Website

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Popular Benefits Of Back Pain SOS Program

One of the main advantages of Back Pain SOS is that it is created by people who have been through the same situation as you. This makes it a more realistic option for people with back pain.

This program is 100% natural, and it doesn’t require any medication. It will help you live a long and happy life by preventing and managing chronic back pain.

It will also give you a customized life plan so you don’t have to worry about your back pain again!

Virgil Pruteanu’s Back Pain SOS will teach you how to get rid of your back pain naturally. Here are some benefits of Back Pain SOS

  • The unique substance increases the amount of oxygen in the blood cells to allow you to perform relaxing stretches
  • It can also improve your breathing and heart rate.
  • Back Pain SOS shows you how progressive movement is done and how it can improve fitness.

Bonus #1: Sleep Better Now

Back Pain SOS Bonus Sleep Better Now
Back Pain SOS Bonus Sleep Better Now

Getting back to sleep quickly is hard for most people, especially if they have back problems. This program will teach you how to perform a simple but effective routine that will get you back to sleep in no time.

These moves help to unbind and relax your body’s tight muscles and tendons. They can also help you fall asleep naturally and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Bonus #2: Rise and Shine

Back pain Sos Bonus Rise and Shine

In this video, the creator will show you a simple sequence that will help you fall out of bed and start your day with more energy.

This video will also teach you the important things that will prepare you for the morning.

This bonus sequence is made up of various movements that flow one into another. Before you leave your bed you will get some easy tasks to do. Here are some examples:

  1. Lift, Pull, & Twist
  2. Pillow Top Roly Poly
  3. Astronaut Towel on the Toes
  4. Rocky Balboa with a Towel
  5. Reverse Rocky Balboa with a Towel
  6. Seated Towel on the Toes
  7. The Seated Butterfly

When you will get out of bed you have to do other simple tasks like

  • The bedside scissors prayer
  • The 45° walk down

Bonus #3: PAIN SOS: Nature’s Morphine

back PAIN SOS Nature’s Morphine

Nothing matters more to your body than a flood of oxygen. This product will help nourish and rehydrate your entire body.

The third bonus of the Back Pain SOS program is called “Pain SOS,” which shows how to get rid of the pain naturally.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to relieve pain without the use of a pain pill? This bonus contains natural products and techniques that were used by cultures around the world.

Natural solutions are proven to be effective and are not as popular as they used to be. This is because the medical industry has created so much noise that it can drown out the truth.

The Back Pain SOS Bonus Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Bonus #4: The SOS Anti-Inflammatory Diet

The fourth bonus that’s included in this program is called The SOS Anti-Inflammatory Diet. It will teach you how to eat and how to take care of your body’s natural inflammatory response.

Getting your body to eat a healthy diet that’s rich in anti-inflammatory nutrients can help prevent chronic inflammatory conditions such as joint pain and diabetes. This Back Pain SOS program will teach you how to do it successfully.

Where To Get Back Pain SOS?

You can get the back pain SOS program from their official website with all possible discounts from the link given below



Back pain can be very dangerous and can cause other injuries. It’s important that you get the help you need immediately so that you can avoid experiencing this issue in the future.

Virgil Pruteanu’s Back Pain SOS program does not provide immediate relief or treatment for chronic back pain. Instead, it provides a series of exercises that can help you get rid of the pain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So It’s not quick magic or something, it’s a real method that works. We have reviewed many programs, but none of them is as popular as Back Pain SOS. Most reviewers stated that they were satisfied with the program. We think this program works!

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FAQ: Back Pain SOS

Is Back Pain SOS Safe?

This Back Pain SOS program is made by Dr. Virgil Pruteanu an Olympic Recovery Specialist who already helped thousands of back pain sufferers so Yes! it’s safe.

What if Back Pain SOS doesn’t work for me?

Virgil’s system is built with the strictest of security measures. He’s so confident that his system will deliver real results that he’ll refund 100% of your investment.

What if I can’t do the stretches and moves?

Each movement is designed to work for different bodies. You will also have various options for each movement. Virgil will customize the program to fit your body.

Is Back Pain SOS will work for Both Men and Women?

Yes, it will work for both men and women. Even though there are slight variations in the way women and men’s anatomy look, the basic structure remains the same, and that’s why Virgil designed this program to work for both men and women.

Exercises mentioned in Back Pain SOS are hard to perform?

There are so many modifications done with exercises and it’s available for both men and women.

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