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12 Clinically Proven Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar & Help Prevent & Reverse Diabetes

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When It comes to foods which lower blood sugar, most of us eat all the wrong foods and want to lower our blood sugar. Whether it’s to prevent or reverse diabetes or to simply lose weight.

I’m going to quickly list the twelve best foods that are clinically proven to lower your blood sugar and help prevent or even reverse diabetes.

As a side benefit, you’ll also lose weight, have more energy, improve your memory and even reduce wrinkles with mentioned foods

You can eat tasty things without worrying about all these if you have a smart blood sugar Book that guides you to maintain your blood sugar levels instantly

List Of Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar Levels

  1. Vegetables
  2. Fatty Fish
  3. Nuts
  4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  5. Seeds
  6. Apple Cider Vinegar
  7. Berries
  8. Broccoli and Broccoli Sprouts
  9. Okara
  10. Chia Seeds
  11. Kale
  12. Avocado

How To Fix Your Diabetes Without Metformin (Watch)

Useful Info…

Misinformation about What Causes High Blood Sugar

There’s a lot of misinformation about what causes high blood sugar and diabetes and the worst part is that when you have two experts who contradict each other.

Thus causing most of us a lot of frustration when it comes to getting and staying healthy.

This article will give you clarity, reduce frustration, eliminate the misinformation when it comes to health, and will make your life much easier.

This way getting healthy, looking, and feeling young can actually be fun because you’ll get results with less effort time, and money. The best part is you can do it naturally without expensive and harmful drugs.

Now I mention all this because a lot of people think that you need to have know low carbohydrate diet or eat lots of protein or have no fats etc when it comes to managing your blood sugar.

Unfortunately, this is partly true but sadly most of this information is actually completely misguided and wrong.

You are Brainwashed About…

The problem here is that people are either eating:

  • No fats
  • Eating wrong types of fats

Because they’ve been misled and brainwashed thinking that it’s bad for them, that will make them fat, this is not true.

Thus it’s actually making things worse and is the cause of them getting fatter and making them diabetic.

So let’s discuss both of these quickly

1 Eating No Fats

Look, if you don’t have some fats with your meals, how it works is the carbohydrates that you do eat will quickly shoot up your blood sugar levels and thus your insulin levels at the same time.

This is not what you want because over time your insulin receptors become insensitive and thus your body needs to produce even more insulin to get the same blood sugar-lowering effects and this is how you eventually become diabetic.

The benefit is that if you eat some healthy fats with all of your meals you will quickly blunt that blood sugar spike.

This is because fat digestion is the slowest. Thus, you lower the glycemic index and the glycemic load of the meals you eat.

The end result is
  • Lower blood Sugar’s after your meals
  • Better energy levels
  • Healthier insulin receptors
2 Eating Wrong Types Of Fats

People eat fat with their meals, but they’re eating the wrong types. In “Forks Over Knives“, Dr. Gregers states that, “fat makes you insulin resistant.”

This is based on a study performed actually 1930s or group or participants a fat-rich diet “High in vegetable oils, Butter, Mayonnaise and Cream”

I’m not gonna get into all the details about this. However, I mentioned this because these are not healthy fats.

These are crappy fats, these are man-made fats, they’re fake. Not natural. This is an important point.

These fats are treated, heated, hydrogenated, and are trans fats. Yes, these fats are bad for you and will cause diabetes, in addition, dozens of other diseases and health problems.

What You Need To Do…

Eat some healthy fats:

Such as raw nuts and seeds (like hemp and flax seeds), Avocados, Coconut oil, Extra virgin macadamia nut, Olive oil, Omega and fish oils

What you also want to do is not heat your oils because it changes the structure of the molecule.

If you’re going to cook though sick with coconut oils and macadamia nut oils. Because they’re better for heat

Also, that creates and improves your hormones is the key to a healthier more youthful body.

By the way, you don’t need much fat with all your meals alright eat maybe between 20 to 30 percent of your total calories from healthy fats.

12 Clinically Proven Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar

1. Vegetables

Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar
Vegetables – Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar

There are lots of different diets- Low carbs, high-fat diets, vegetarian, Mediterranean diets, and so forth and they all work to a certain degree.

However, there’s one thing they all have in common and that’s for you to eat vegetables and the best ones are the green ones.

Vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, kale, and other greens are good sources of antioxidants, vitamins, polyphenols, and other ingredients which will help reduce inflammation blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. Eat as much as you want (1)

“Steaming” is great but don’t put any “Dressing” on them. You can use a little bit of sea salt lemon and other spices.

2. Fatty Fish

foods that lower blood sugar
Fatty Fish – foods that lower blood sugar

Fish is one of the healthiest foods on the planet especially the fatty ones because they’re low in heavy metals and high in essential omega-3 fatty acids. They’re also a good source of protein

They’re good for your heart and blood sugar because they reduce inflammation and blood sugar and even when you eat them with carbs such as like white rice

The best fish are typically wild-caught, salmon, sardines, herring, anchovies, and mackerel

3. Nuts

Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar
Nuts – Foods Which lower blood sugar

Nuts taste great and they’re loaded with fiber. They’re very low in carbohydrates and contain healthy essential fats.

All of this helps reduce inflammation and again lower your blood sugar (2) your A1C levels and also your cholesterol levels.

The best ones are walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, and macadamia. Avoid peanuts and cashews since they’re technically not nuts they’re legumes and can cause allergies for most people especially the peanuts

Try to eat them raw because roasting and cooking them changes the fat structure and make sure you don’t eat too much since they are very dense and calories

4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Foods Good For Lower Blood sugar
Olive Oil – Foods That lower blood sugar

Extra virgin olive oil is extremely beneficial for heart health and blood sugar. It contains oleic acid and this is the type of monounsaturated fat

Monosaturated Fats are proven to improve triglycerides and HDL. Which are often at unhealthy levels and type 2 diabetes.

It also increases the fullness hormone GLP-1 which reduces your cravings, especially for sugars. Olive oil also contains antioxidants called polyphenols, which again reduce inflammation, protects your heart and blood vessels

2 areas people with high blood sugar are weak in. Also, make sure you purchase a very reputable source because most olive oil is unfortunately mixed with other junky oils

Thus don’t get anything found in your local supermarket that’s the cheap stuff and it’s filled with a lot of different junky oils

5. Seeds

Foods Good For Lower Blood sugar
Seeds – Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar

Raw seeds such as flax, sunflower, pumpkin, hemp, and sesame seeds have lots of health benefits. They’re very high in fiber and full of amazing minerals and vitamins. (3) (4) (5)

They’re proven to help
  • Decrease your risk for heart disease
  • Improve your blood sugar levels
  • Reduce your A1C levels
  • Improve your blood flow and circulation

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar
Apple Cider Vinegar – Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar

Apple cider vinegar has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and lower fasting blood sugar levels.

It may also reduce blood sugar response by as much as 20% when consumed with meals containing carbs.

7. Berries

foods that lower blood sugar
Berries – Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar

Now, most people are told not to have sugar especially fructose which is the sugar found in fruit, and to a certain degree, this is correct.

Now I don’t think you should ever have fruit juice because it’s just too concentrated and it’s really high in sugar but the fruit is really just made up of mostly water and fiber.

Plus they have a low glycemic index and thus don’t raise your blood sugar very much.

However, berries are one of the healthiest not only because they’re low in calories but also because of the antioxidants their skin contained from the ripening in the sun.

Blueberries, Raspberries, and Strawberries are one of the best and I also like sour cherries even though it’s really not a berry.

These fruits are clinically shown to lower your blood sugar, especially after a meal even for those with diabetes.

8. Broccoli and Broccoli Sprouts

broccoli for lower blood sugar
Broccoli – Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar

In a study recently published in Science Translational Medicine researchers, 97 people were randomly assigned and diagnosed with type-2 diabetes.

They told them to take a broccoli extract containing concentrated sulfur fain once daily for 12 weeks or a placebo with the same regimen.

All but three of the participants were taking metformin (A standard treatment for blood sugar control) glucose production was reduced among patients taking ultra-concentrated sulfur fame.

The improved compound of fasting glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin or HbA1c is an indicator of blood sugar levels in obese patients with deregulated type 2 diabetes.

In sulfur fain also showed a protective effect against some complications associated with diabetes such as neuropathy and renal failure.

Quick Guide On How To Boil Broccoli In Right Way

9. Okara

okara for lower blood sugar levels
Okara for lower blood sugar levels

Okara is also known as the lady’s finger in most countries. The green port found inside this vegetable is highly beneficial for the overall health of our body. (7)

Okara is grown and consumed in many parts of the world and is highly regarded for its nutritional value. It is a great source of vitamins and minerals for the body.

It contains initially liked properties which are beneficial for the treatment of diabetes Okra water juice help to reduce the sugar layer in the blood. So consume okra juice regularly to control diabetes

How To Make Okara Water Juice

10. Chia Seeds

chia seeds foods which lower blood sugar
Chia Seeds – Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar

If you are a diabetic your doctors may have advised you to monitor your sugary and processed food intakes (8)

Diabetics should also include seasonal fruits and veggies in their diet as they are rich in fiber.

Fiber does not get digested and metabolized so soon enabling the slow release of sugar in your bloodstream.

Chia is said to be a wonderful addition to a diabetes diet a report in the Harvard health blog highlights studies of animals in which a high chia diet led to lower LDL or bad cholesterol and higher HDL the good cholesterol eating a lot of chia, also lowered triglycerides

In a study of 20 humans with diabetes one variety of seeds called Salba help participants control blood glucose reduce blood pressure and lower c reactive protein a major marker of heart disease risk.

Other Benefits of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a rich source of fiber that is beneficial for your digestion the mucilaginous gum-like fiber.

The sprouted seeds promote bowel regularity. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds may also do wonders for your heart health and brain.

They are gluten-free in nature-rich in bone-building calcium and phosphorus too.

They also happen to be a good source of magnesium too magnesium helps relax the muscle and uplift your mood.

Chia seeds are a great source of nutrition and must be included in a regular diet.

5 Ways To Consume Chia Seeds For Diabeties

11. Kale

Kale to lower blood sugar levels
Kale – Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar

Kale is known as a superfood. It’s loaded with antioxidants, compounds, and fibers that may beneficial for lowering blood sugar levels. (9)

Research has proven that flavonoid antioxidants like quercetin and Kaempferol have the potential to lower blood sugar levels and it’s also helpful for insulin-sensitizing

12. Avocados

Avocados to lower blood sugar levels
Avocados – Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar

Avocados also have the potential to regulate blood sugar levels. In addition, these avocados are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fats, and filters. Just adding them into your meals can help to improve blood sugar levels

Several studies have proven that avocados not only have the potential to lower blood sugar levels but it also can protect you from metabolic syndrome.

Bonus Tip

There is one category even more powerful and that’s herbs plants and extracts. Now even though today’s topic is about food…

But there are specific plants herbs spices and extracts which can have dramatically positive effects on lowering your blood sugar even much more than food

If you want to listen to the truth, plants and herbs are food and probably one of the most important categories of food.

There are specific plants herbs and extracts that can have drug-like results but without any of the negative side effects.

Which, shouldn’t be surprising because most drugs well over 50% are actually based on plants and herbs found in nature.

Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical companies change the original structure, patent them and then make billions of dollars.

Unfortunately, in the process of changing this natural structure, they also create negative side effects.

But anyway my favorite herbs that you should take are Bitter melon, Gymnema Sylvestre, fenugreek, Banaba leaf, and Cinnamon extract.

Now when these herbs are combined together along with some specific vitamins and minerals scientific research has shown over and over again that they can create healthy blood sugar levels improve insulin sensitivity and lower your A1C levels (11)


If you want to lower your blood sugar, prevent and even reverse diabetes and just live a healthier longer life.

Eat more green vegetables, fatty fish, extra virgin olive oil, raw nuts, seeds, apple cider vinegar, berries. and for faster results take a specific plant and herbal extract.

FAQ: Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar

Diabetic Patients What Type of Food to Be Taken Daily in Lunch Dinner?

As we discussed above with proper pieces of evidence diabetic patients should take foods like green vegetables like Okara and Kale, seeds like fenugreek seeds, and specific plants and herbal extracts.

I am a Diabetic Patient So How Much Jackfruit Can I Have Means the Limit of Eating Jackfruit of Mine?

Jackfruits are low in fiber and loaded with carbs and that’s why you should take care about eating them. Don’t worry you can still enjoy them with moderation, like 1/2 cup (75 Grams) – that will provide about 18 grams of carbs.

Effect of Eating Ripe Palm Paste for Diabetic?

Palm fruits are rich in vitamin B, Vitamin C, Iron, Zinc, Potassium, Calcium, Thiamine, Phosphorus, Riboflavin. They are a good option for people who are suffering from diabetes.

Breakfast Foods To Eat That Lowers Blood Sugar

Here are some of the best foods to eat at breakfast that lower blood sugar
Green Vegetables
Raw Nuts
More In article

Foods Which Lowers Blood Sugar Naturally

Here are some foods that lower blood sugar naturally
Steamed vegetables
Above Mentioned Seeds
Specific plants like Kale
Unique vegetable recipes like Oakara Water

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