Amazon’s Smart Home Bundle Maximize your home’s security 2023

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Are you looking for an easy way to secure your home and keep an eye on your property? The Smart Home Bundle from Amazon may be just what you need.

This bundle includes 4 products which are the Echo Show 8 + Blink Video Doorbell + Blink Outdoor 1-Cam System + 2 Smart Plugs, which are easy to install and can be controlled using your smartphone or tablet.

1) First Lets Take A Look On The 2nd Generation Echo Show 8: A Complete Review

Echo Show 8 for smart home bundle
Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen, 2021 release) | HD smart display with Alexa and 13 MP camera | Charcoal

The second-generation Echo Show 8 is here, and it boasts a cool camera that pans and tilts to follow you when you’re on a video call. But is that enough to make this smart display a worthwhile upgrade? Here, we’ll take a closer look and see if this new release is worth the hype.


The Echo Show 8 looks a lot like the previous model, with its giant bezels that may appeal to those who prefer a more conventional look. Unlike the Echo Show 10 and spherical Echoes, there are no cool or fancy designs to get excited about this time.

However, Amazon has packed a lot of new features under the hood, making it a good value for money at $130 while overall price of the Amazon’s smart home bundle is $330.


The second-generation Echo Show 8 has an 8-inch HD screen, making it the second model with an 8-inch screen. It works with Amazon’s digital assistant, which responds to a wide variety of voice commands.

The device has a touch screen that displays additional information when you ask about the weather. You can also access a smart home control panel, watch videos, or make video calls.

There are physical volume controls, a physical mute button, and a camera shutter, all standard features. The sound quality has improved, but it can sound a little muddy at higher volumes.

Nevertheless, it is loud and blows away the Nest Hub, which is similarly sized with a 7-inch screen. As long as you’re at a volume of around 7, the sound quality is excellent.

Aside from the big three new features, the Show 8 has a new octa-core processor. Your family and friends can share photos with you that scroll across your home screen, and you can do group video calls now.

Augmented reality effects are coming soon, so you’ll be able to add hearts and sparkles to your next digital deposition. Speaking of video calls, the Facebook Portal had one cool trick where it would follow you on a video call.

Other smart displays have adapted the trick, like the Nest Hub Max and the Echo Show 10, which can even spin its head around to keep up with the action. And now, the Show 8 can do it too.

Video Call Features

The Echo Show 8’s most significant feature is the new camera that follows you during a video call. To test the feature, David Priest’s Alexa devices were called, and he was asked to move around the room, testing the camera’s tracking capabilities.

While it was a little slow to follow him, it did a decent job of keeping up. The camera didn’t distort much when the user was close to the camera, which is a plus.

However, when moving further away from the camera, there was a noticeable delay in following the user. It’s not as smooth or as quick as the Nest Hub Max or the Echo Show 10, which are both faster at tracking users.

Nevertheless, it still does a pretty decent job of keeping up with the user, even when they move around.


The Echo Show 8’s new features are worthwhile upgrades that improve the overall user experience. The new camera is an excellent feature for video calls, and while it’s not perfect, it’s a significant improvement over the previous model.

The device’s sound quality is also impressive, and the new processor ensures the device is speedy and responsive.


In conclusion, the second-generation Echo Show 8 is a worthy upgrade from the previous model. Amazon has packed a lot of new features into this device, including the cool camera for moving video calls, check-in from afar, and presence-based routines.

It also has a better sound quality than the previous model. While the design is not as fancy as some of the other smart displays in the market, it’s still a great device for its affordable price point. If you’re looking for a smart display that offers great features at an affordable price, the second-gen Echo Show 8 is definitely worth considering

Get your The second-generation Echo Show 8 here:

2) The Blink Video Doorbell: A Complete Review

The Blink Video Doorbell: A Complete Review from smart home bundle
The Blink Video Doorbell: A Complete Review

As homeowners, we want to protect our castle from unwanted visitors. Not everyone who comes to our house is an invited guest, so we need to be cautious.

Fortunately, with the Blink Video Doorbell, we can pre-screen our visitors before opening our front door. Here, we will review the Blink Video Doorbell from the Amazon’s smart home bundle and discuss its features, specifications, and benefits.


The Blink Video Doorbell is a wireless battery-powered front door chime with a built-in high-definition camera. It is easy to install using the supplied mounting kit and can be wired to an existing door chime or used as a standalone device.

All you need to power it up for up to two years is two double-A batteries. The Blink Video Doorbell also requires 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi access available at the front door.

After downloading the Blink app, you can configure the settings to suit your needs. Once set up, you will receive a notification on your phone when someone presses the doorbell, no matter where you are.


The Blink Video Doorbell also comes with a 30-day free trial of the Blink subscription plan. This plan includes two-way audio, cloud-based video recording, and customizable filters to ignore pets or vehicles in the field of view.

If you add the Blink Sync Module, you can record and store video clips from up to ten Blink Doorbell devices. Compared to the Ring Video Doorbell, the Blink Video Doorbell is not only cheaper per unit, but the subscription and premium monitoring services are also much more affordable.

Both Ring and Blink are owned by Amazon, making Lux integration standard.

One downside of the Blink Video Doorbell is that it doesn’t have the same night vision capabilities as the Ring. While both have similar audio and video quality, the Blink struggles once the sun sets.


However, many users are satisfied with the Blink Video Doorbell. One Amazon user, Katie Bug, writes that the camera quality is good, and she chose this doorbell because of its ability to wire it into her existing chime box in the house.

Another user, Judy, thought she would have a problem with the technical setup, but it turned out to be easy after calling tech support.


In conclusion, the Blink Video Doorbell is a much more affordable alternative to the Ring Video Doorbell may be this is the reason behind adding the Blink video doorbell in the amazon’s smart home bundle, with some surprising functionality options. We give it 4 out of 5 stars.

If you want to win a Blink Video Doorbell, make sure you subscribe to the channel, like the video, and leave a comment with the secret hashtag from today’s review. The winner will be announced in a week.

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3) Blink Outdoor Camera: A Complete Review

Blink Outdoor Camera: A Complete Review from amazon smart home bundle
Blink Outdoor Camera: A Complete Review

The Blink Outdoor Camera is the new addition to the Blink family, and here, we will go over its features and specifications.

The Blink Outdoor Camera is an excellent replacement for the Blink XT2 model and is priced at $100 for a single-camera kit that comes with the sync module 2. The price of the kit goes down when you purchase a two, three, or five-camera kit.


The Blink Outdoor Camera is a sleek design that comes with a glossy finish. It has a camera lens in the middle with a light sensor status light, mic, and infrared LED in the front, and PIR sensor on top.

The camera has speaker holes in the bottom part, and a slotted screw on the back cover to open or close the battery compartment, where you need to install the double A lithium batteries.


The Blink Outdoor Camera is a battery-powered security camera that comes with a two-year battery life. It is weather-resistant and can capture day and night HD videos with its 110-degree field of view.

The camera also comes equipped with 2-way audio and records when it detects motion. Furthermore, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

One of the differences between the Blink Outdoor Camera and the outgoing model, the Blink XT2, is that the new camera comes with two storage options: cloud storage and local storage.

In terms of specifications, the Blink Outdoor Camera has a 110-degree field of view and records at Full HD 1080p at 30 frames per second in the best video quality in daytime and 15 fps at night.

It is weather-resistant, with an operating temperature of negative 4 degrees to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the box, you will find the Blink Sync Module 2, which is exactly the same size as the older sync module. You can connect up to 10 cameras in one sync module, and you can insert up to a 64 GB USB flash drive for local recording.

The package includes a power adapter for the sync module, a short 1-meter micro USB cable, and some mounting screws.

Setting up the Blink Outdoor Camera is simple. Download, sign up, and log in to the Blink Home Monitor app, then click the plus sign on the upper right corner. Install the sync module first, scan the QR code on the bottom part of the module, and name your new system. Plug in the sync module and wait for the LED to turn blue, indicating that it is ready to be connected.


In conclusion, the Blink Outdoor Camera which is included in the amazon smart home bundle is a great investment for anyone looking for an affordable, easy-to-use security camera. With its long battery life, weather-resistant features, and clear day and night video recordings, the Blink Outdoor Camera is a must-have for homeowners who want to keep their homes safe and secure.

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4) Amazon smart plug: A Complete Review

Amazon smart plug: A Complete Review from the amazon smart home bundle
Amazon smart plug: A Complete Review

The Amazon smart plug is a device that allows you to control your electrical appliances using an app or voice control. The smart plug from the smart home bundle can be used with any device that uses a standard electrical outlet. The smart plug is rated for 15 amps, so it can power most devices.


One of the best things about the Amazon smart plug is that it works natively with the Alexa app. You don’t have to hassle around installing any third-party apps to get it working. You also don’t need to install any routines; just plug it in, and it works.

You can control the Amazon smart plug using voice control or the app. You can turn your devices on or off with your voice using Amazon Alexa. You can also control your devices using the Amazon Alexa app. The app allows you to set schedules for your devices, turn them on or off remotely, and more.


The Amazon smart plug is a bit bigger than some of the other smart plugs on the market. However, if you’re using two of these, you can actually fit them in the same outlet if you want to put another one on top or below. It is rated for 15 amps, so it will be able to power some of your more demanding devices.

Setting up the Amazon smart plug is easy. It comes with instructions on how to set it up, but it should work right out of the box. All you need to do is plug it in and connect it to your home Wi-Fi network. The Amazon Alexa app will automatically detect it and set it up for you.


At $25, it is a bit expensive compared to other smart plugs on the market, but it’s worth the investment. It is a must-have device for anyone looking to make their devices smart.

One downside to the Amazon smart plug is that it only works with the Alexa app. If you have a Google Home or Apple HomeKit, it’s not going to work. You’re going to have to buy another one.

The smart plugs out there on the market and the manufacturers want to lock us down to their ecosystem so that we are forced to buy more of their products.


In conclusion, the Amazon smart plug is a great device in the smart home bundle that makes your life easier. It is easy to set up and use, and it allows you to control your devices using your voice or the app. The only downside is that it only works with the Alexa app. If you’re already using the Amazon ecosystem, then it’s a great purchase.

Get your Amazon smart plug here:

Conclusion of this whole review of Smart home Bundle

Overall, the Smart Home Bundle from Amazon is a great investment for anyone looking to secure their home and keep an eye on their property.

The doorbell and outdoor camera work seamlessly together and provide a high level of security and convenience.

Plus, with the ability to control them using your smartphone, you can keep an eye on your home no matter where you are.

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What is a smart home bundle?

A smart home bundle refers to a collection of smart home devices that are sold together as a package deal. These devices are designed to work together seamlessly and provide various functions to automate and simplify tasks in a home environment. Purchasing a smart home bundle can be a cost-effective way to start building a smart home system, as it may be less expensive than buying each device separately.

What is the benefit of smart home?

Convenience: Smart home technology allows you to automate routine tasks and control devices remotely, which can save you time and effort.
Energy savings: Smart home devices like thermostats and lighting systems can be programmed to adjust automatically, which can save you money on your energy bills.
Security: Smart home security systems provide enhanced security features like remote monitoring and alerts, which can help keep your home and family safe.
Accessibility: Smart home technology can provide solutions for people with disabilities or limited mobility, making it easier for them to control devices and perform daily tasks.
Entertainment: Smart home devices like speakers and TVs can be integrated with other systems to provide an immersive entertainment experience.

What is included in Amazon smart home bundle?

It includes the combination of 4 best picked products The 2nd Generation Echo Show 8, The Blink Video Doorbell, Blink Outdoor Camera and The Amazon smart plug.

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