Secrets of Stretch Marks Prevention: Best Ways Explained! 2022

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When it comes to stretch marks prevention the saying goes, “If your mother got stretch marks, then you will too.” However, chalking the reddish-purple striation scars to bad genes is not a suitable answer for many expectant mothers.

After wrangling around for the truth, many women find that there are ways to maintain optimal skin health during pregnancy, despite the hormonal changes, limited collagen production, and inevitable skin stretching.

Stretch mark prevention efforts can, at the very least, reduce stretch marks that could otherwise be hideous embarrassments.

Stretch Mark Prevention

Stretch Marks Prevention During Pregnancy
Stretch Marks Prevention During Pregnancy

Lets See! What You Can Do To Prevent Stretch Marks

One way to work at stretch mark prevention is to exercise! Walking and yoga are good low-impact exercises to keep the skin’s elasticity, not to mention make labor, easier.

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While you should never deprive your unborn baby of what it needs, be aware that the healthy weight gain limits are between 25 and 35 pounds, so you’ll want to stay there to minimize the amount of stretching. You’ll also want that weight gain to be gradual.

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Secondly, to prevent stretch marks, you’ll want to prevent scratching! Just as your mother told you to “never scratch your chickenpox,” you should also never scratch a stretch mark, no matter how itchy it feels.

When your skin is stretched to maximum capacity, scratching pregnancy stretch marks is probably the worst thing you can do.

Instead, massage in oils or creams, which will diminish itchiness, promote blood circulation and stimulate new skin cell growth. You also can use some soaps for stretch marks that promote collagen

Another thing you’ll hear a lot about, with regard to stretch mark treatments, is to keep your entire body moisturized!

Beginning in the first trimester, apply a nourishing moisturizing cream, a stretch mark oil, or cocoa butter in the morning and at night.

Check for active ingredients like vitamin E, vitamin A, cocoa butter, emu oil, wheat germ oil, and lanolin.

These products will help maintain your skin’s elasticity, will feed your skin, and will, most importantly, keep itchiness at a minimum.

Additionally, the circular massage motion while applying the cream for stretch marks will increase circulation and hopefully collagen production as well.

On message boards, many mothers cite that the less expensive creams work just as well as the top-of-the-line stuff when trying to reduce stretch marks.

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Stretch mark prevention may seem futile to some, but regardless, the good news is that they will become less noticeable over time.

Eventually, that agitated red-purple will subside to a gray-white or a few shades lighter than your skin tone.

Careful weight monitoring and speaking with your doctor can work wonders in managing stretch marks.

FAQ: Stretch Marks Prevention

Can I Use High Heels During Pregnancy?

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is perfectly good to wear high heels if you use to wear them every day of course pregnant women have the right to be beautiful and elegant like all other women
however, in the later stages of pregnancy, it is better to just wear sneakers because during pregnancy the growth of the belly changes
the woman’s center of gravity this shift projects the body backward in an attempt to compensate for the weight this ends up compromising your balance and making you more susceptible to false
Especially if you have to deal with the extra difficulty of balancing on high heels

Are Air Bags Are Safer During Pregnancy?

Of course, you are probably worried about a big airbag hitting your precious pregnant belly but don’t be if you are in an accident
You are safer with an airbag than without one and if you are sitting in the driver’s seat try to sit at least centimeters away from the steering wheel to be safe but it would be best if you sat in the back seat

What are the best stretch mark prevention technics?

Drink more water, massage gently with oils that promote collagen, or try natural stretch marks prevention creams.

Is Stretch Marks Prevention Possible?

Yes! Stretch Marks Prevention is Possible if you care about certain things. checkout our other articles on stretch marks to know more about this

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