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My Real Experience! The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop Review 2022

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You are probably looking for more information about The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop program and you really want to know if this method will work for you.

If it will really make you lose weight lose that belly that so much it bothers you, make you have a fit body, or is it just money wasted

Pay close attention to everything I’m going to tell you in this video you might be surprised

The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop Review

The lose your first 10 lbs workshop review
The Lose your first 10 lbs Workshop Review

The lose your first 10 lbs workshop is one of the most popular weight loss programs that offer a natural solution to lose your weight

In this program, you will learn how to enjoy all of your favorite food items without giving up on anything.

This program will teach you how to enjoy healthy eating without resorting to fad diets or deprivation.

What Is Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop Program?

Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop Program is 3 step formula that will help you to lose weight in a different and easy way. Let’s understand these steps

Step #1

The first step is to fill in the blanks with the foods that you like and cross out the ones that you don’t.

Step #2

In the second step, you will learn to combine the right foods together and at the right times with the help of their simple meal guidelines.

Step #3

In the last step, you will learn something important about your weight loss belief system.

Every meal should be enjoyed no matter where it’s served. It’s important to remember that every meal should be enjoyable no matter where it’s served.

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What You Will Get In The Program?

In the First 30 Minutes You Will Learn-

  • Why haven’t you been able to lose and hold the weight off?
  • The foods to eat in conjunction with “healthy carbs” to help you succeed
  • When to eat the three forms of “healthy carbs”
  • How to Tell the Difference Between “Good” and “Bad” Carbs
  • Why are “healthy carbs” so important for long-term success?
  • How to reset and condition your metabolism to burn fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Case studies on how people lost their first ten pounds, held it off, and maintained their weight loss.

In the next 30 Minutes

You will learn How to Quickly Lose your 10 lbs Even If you Have

  • Very less time or energy
  • Poor genetics, Thyroid issues, or a Slow metabolism
  • A demanding career or really busy work schedule
  • Dietary restrictions, pain, or other challenges

Bonus You Will Get With “The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop

FREE Bonus #1

Good Carbs Vs Bad Carbs Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet shows you which kinds of carbs can help boost your metabolism and burn fat.

It also warns that those that are high in fat will destroy your chances of losing weight. This is a simple guide to help you remember all the important things to eat and avoid.

FREE Bonus #2

Easy-To-Follow Carb Timing Guide

You also need to know when to eat them. This guide shows you the easiest and most effective ways to consume carbs while burning fat fast.

It’s packed with rules and simple instructions that will help you achieve this goal.

FREE Bonus #3

5-Day Jumpstart Challenge

You need to have this momentum to start losing weight. This 5-day challenge will teach you how to set up and maintain a consistent routine that will help you reach your goal in the first week.

FREE Bonus #4

The Recommended Foods List

Not eating enough carbs is not an effective way for long-term weight loss. Instead, eat the right ones and follow the recommendations in this guide.

FREE Bonus #5

The Metabolism-Boost Daily Checklist

The strategy Chad teach in this workshop is incredibly simple and will work for everyone. But, sometimes, it can be hard to follow and stay on track. This is why Chad created this bonus.

FREE Bonus #6

The Avoid These Mistakes Reminders

Some habits are likely to have built up your metabolism to work against you. It’s important to break them in order to avoid repeating them. This bonus will exactly do the same thing.

You will get two Extra FREE bonuses (Q&A Video Calls With Chad & Exclusive Facebook Group) along with these 6 bonuses Get them now!

Well my name is Leandro look a few months ago I was a person very uncomfortable with my body

I was very overweight my clothes were getting too tight on me tight many of them no longer fit me.

I thought I was fat I didn’t think I was an attractive man handsome. I thought I was a person with an ugly body with a big belly

The belly that bothered me was that no one looked at me that I didn’t draw women’s attention and it shook my self-esteem more and more every day and well if you feel that way too you will understand me perfectly and that’s not cool

That’s when I started my quest to find something that would help me lose weight quickly and naturally but I didn’t want to take any kind of medicine or go on those diets that you go without eating for hours

Until one day an ad came to me about a program called the lose your first 10 pounds workshop

The program called the lose your first 10 pounds workshop was about a diet but it wasn’t a simple diet

The lose your first 10 pounds workshop was a diet that was set up for you according to your eating habits what foods you like to eat what foods you didn’t like

I started to notice that this was something that I would pay to have a meal schedule based on the foods I most liked to eat and I would be able to lose weight

It was not a super rigid diet and I would have great equal results. Many men and women were getting on with this diet

Well I decided to take a risk and bought the method filling in my information about what foods I like to eat and what foods I didn’t like

Everything went well I received my diet and soon started following my entire meal schedule

After four months following my schedule of meals that I should eat a day I managed to lose 12 kilos

It was amazing with each passing week I felt thinner with more energy and energy in my daily life and better

The lose your first 10 pounds workshop has set up a very simple and easy diet for me with foods that I like to eat cheap and easy to find foods

Belly was very easy I managed to eliminate that belly that bothered me so much lose weight in a few months and regain my self-esteem

I felt much more beautiful and confident it was much easier than I imagined I definitely recommend the lose your first 10 pounds workshop because it was thanks to this diet that I managed to change my life and never feel ashamed of my body again

Now I want to alert you to a big warning you just need to be careful where you will be buying you the lose your first 10 pounds workshop diet as on the internet there are many people scamming So be aware of fraud websites. Here is the site From which I did the workshop.


Pros and Cons Of The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop


  • Lose weight without Giving up their favorite foods or feeling hungry all-day
  • Lose weight without constantly battling cravings and hitting plateaus after just a few short weeks
  • Lose weight without intense exercises, leaving them feeling worn down and weak
  • Easy to follow
  • Anyone can do it
  • 365 days money-back guarantee
  • Tons of testimonials are available on the official site
  • Available for everyone right from the age of 18 to as old as 90
  • Works for both men and women


  • Scammers have developed the same sites as the official site

Customer Reviews Of “The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop”

The lose your first 10 lbs workshop review

Where To Get The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop?

The only problem people face with The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop is there are lots of scam websites that are fooling people with duplicate workshop training videos.

So be aware of these types of websites. Here is the Official site of “The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop

OFFICIAL SITE/commited100


The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop already helped thousands of people to get their desired body shape without much effort.

Make sure to read frequently asked questions about this program to get more clarity on this.

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FAQ: The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop

Will this work for me, if I’m a vegan/vegetarian, gluten or dairy-free, or, have other dietary restrictions?

Yes! No matter what your situation is, I will teach you how to make it work for you. So don’t worry about that.

Do I need to buy supplements or pre-packaged meals, or any hard-to-find expensive foods?

You do not need to purchase expensive food or supplements to lose weight permanently. Just combine the right foods at the right times.

I don’t have much time, Will this still work for me?

It will just take 5 to 10 minutes of your daily routine You just have to follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to a great lifestyle.

I really hate exercising, can I still lose weight?

Its creator says, “Even though some of my clients can’t exercise due to illness or injury, they still get amazing results. They just combine the right foods and do the activities they love.”

Is There Any Money-Back Guarantee, If it doesn’t work for me?

Yes, there is 365 days Money-Back Guarantee so don’t have to worry about your money.

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