Quick And Easy Fix For Red Stretch Marks – Everything About Red Stretch Marks 2022

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If you have Purple or Red stretch marks on your thighs, biceps, stomach, or anywhere else this is a golden period to remove them.

Red stretch marks are easy to remove in this phase but for that, you need to understand some basics.

The study has proven that stretch marks are common during 50% to 90% during pregnancy and they can be a treat.

first, we’re gonna talk about how to prevent stretch marks, For the second we’re gonna talk about how to care for red stretch marks that have already appeared, and for the third, we’re gonna talk about medical ways to treat red stretch marks.

Basics About Stretch Marks

What Is Stretch Mark?

A Stretch mark appears when your skin suddenly stretches out excessively damaging the collagen fiber layer.

Our skin gets inflated by the force that stretches out horizontally or vertically. When the force surpasses this limit that your skin can take, our skin rips, and these scars are called stretch marks.

This is a state where our epidermis layer spreads open and our dermal layer becomes visible and when it’s ripped by the force vertically then the shape is horizontal and when it rips from the horizontal force the scar is vertical.

Usually, stretch marks that are with vertical shape are caused by rapid growth, and stretch marks that are with horizontal shape are caused by sudden gain of weight or muscles or even due to pregnancy.

These red stretch marks turn white as time passes by and they become scars

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Why We Get Stretch Marks?

Now there are two main reasons that we get stretch marks. One is hormonal and the other one is physical.

Physical Reasons Of Red Stretch Marks

1) Sudden Weight Gain

The first reason that you do gain stretch marks is that you gain weight suddenly. When you gain weight suddenly the volume of the fat layer inflates and this can cause your dermal layer to rip stretch out and this can cause stretch marks.

2) Physical Grwoth

As we go through puberty our body grows fast and sometimes it’s faster than what our dermal layer can take. That’s why our dermal layer rips and this can cause stretch marks.

3) Muscule Gain

The third one is muscle gain, not just fat but if you gain a large number of muscles this also can cause stretch marks. It can cause your dermal layer to stretch out and leave a scar.

The interesting thing is you’re more likely to get stretch marks because of hormonal reasons rather than physical reasons.

Hormonal Reasons of Red Stretch Marks

1) Steroids

Steroid hormones can weaken our dermal layer and they can loosen up our skin structure making it an environment for our stretch marks to be formed more easily.

So how do we care for stretch marks that we have on our skin And will the products in the market, will they be effective to reduce stretch marks? Let’s find out.

Care For Red Stretch Marks

Do stretch mark creams in the market really work?

Many stretch mark creams Like Mederma and Revamin in the market have purified water as the basis and it has moisturizing ingredients like glycerin or plant-based oils but will they really help to reduce stretch marks?

As I mentioned earlier, stretch marks are scars within our dermal layer In order for us to bring it back into the original state that it was in it needs to regenerate damaged skin tissue

And you can’t expect such an effect with the stretch mark creams out in the market so it’s better not to expect such a dramatic result or effect with the stretch mark products out in the market but it’s wise to use it as a prevention method for the red stretch marks.

So what kind of stretch mark products are out there? We have brought some of the most popular ones. Let’s check out what ingredients are in these products.

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#1 Burt’s Burt’s Bees Stretch Mark Cream Review
Burt's bees mama belly butter review and ingridients

Burt’s Bees is a really popular product, so I think you guys have probably seen this before.

The ingredients to keep in mind are coconut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, soybean oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter

Do you know what these ingredients have in common? They all help your skin to regenerate collagen and they help to improve skin elasticity and they prevent your skin from ripping thanks to its rich moisturizing effect.

#2 Palmer’s Stretch Mark Cream Review
palmer's stretch mark cream review

Palmer’s Stretch Mark Cream I think you guys probably have seen or tried because this is a really popular one.

If you check the ingredient list it’s very similar to the Burt’s bees and it has similar ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, and almond oil,

One ingredient in here that’s noticeable is vitamin e and vitamin e when used with essential oils can be really good to boost your skin and to rejuvenate your skin.

Vitamin e alone is a great antioxidant as well It has a lot of anti-aging benefits to improve your skin elasticity.

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How To Get Rid Of These Red Stretch Marks

We have a full article on how you can get rid of these red stretch marks easily with different ways like home remedies, homemade exfoliate scrubs, and Yoga Asanas make sure to read it. Click here>>>

Secret Ingredients To Remove Stretch Marks

Actually, there are many other ingredients out there that we did not mention yet but that can be very helpful to prevent stretch marks.

If there is a product with the ingredients that we mentioned today that’s not necessarily named as a stretch mark product it doesn’t matter it can be very effective to prevent stretch marks

#1 Centella Asiatica

It has a lot of amino acids and fatty acids so when they absorb into your skin. It makes keratin protein to make your skin stronger and more elastic

Also speeds up collagen regeneration and helps your wounds to heal faster which makes new skin grow faster that can help with your stretch marks

#2 Hyaluronic acid

I know that a lot of you guys love this ingredient it helps to improve dry and contract the skin by moisturizing your skin.

Also, it can hold water more than 1000 times of its weight and this capacity allows it to work as a great humectant for your skin to keep skin hydrated plumped, and firm

#3 Vitamin K

Vitamin k is a well-known ingredient that can help to prevent stretch marks as well. It helps to strengthen your capillaries It’s great for blood circulation, it helps wounds to heal faster as well.

Please do remember that a stretch mark is a type of scar and vitamin k is also amazing to keep your skin vibrant strong and elastic.

Stretch Marks Removal Ingredients To Avoid For Pregnant Woman

As I mentioned earlier there are so many ingredients out there that are great to prevent stretch marks. However, if you are pregnant there are ingredients that you should avoid.

When you are pregnant your skin does become hypersensitized, or because of the possibility that it can be harmful to your baby, we do want to recommend that you avoid these ingredients and the ingredients are Centella Asiatica, vitamin e, and vitamin k.

You should avoid these three ingredients if you are pregnant and please do consult with your doctor because the safety of your baby is the most important thing.

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Which Stretch Mark Product Fits Me Better: Oil, Butter, Cream, or Lotion?

Things To Remember While Buying Stretch Mark Creams

We have a checklist for you to find the perfect product for your stretch marks.

1) Formula

As you’re using these moisturizers every day on your skin the formula is very important to Make sure that it delivers enough hydration for your skin to improve skin elasticity.

2) Ingredient.

The ingredients are so important in the product makes sure that the ingredients are from a natural origin that it’s safe to use and that it will be effective for your skin.

And please do check the ingredients that we did mention in the article today

3) Hypoallergenic.

Now if you have sensitive skin or allergic skin we want to recommend that you use hypoallergenic products. They are free of artificial pigments and fragrances

4) Is it safe to use?

Now many pregnant women use uh products for stretch marks so it should be very safe.

As I mentioned earlier please remember to avoid those certain ingredients that we mentioned today.

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Which Products To Use For Stretch Marks?

Alright, so let’s figure out which stretch mark products that you should use and how to maximize the effect.

We categorized the stretch mark creams into four different parts.

You have oil, butter, cream, and lotion. Do you see the difference between the formulas they have different oil and liquid ratios?

Oil literally consists of 100% oil and the oil portion becomes smaller in the orders of butter, cream, and lotion while the liquid ratio goes up.

So which one is the most moisturizing one?

The answer is lotion. Some people might think that the thicker the formula it may be more moisturizing. However, that’s not true

Liquid and water moisturize while the oil creates a barrier so that the moisture will not evaporate.

Have you guys heard of free radicals?

Free radicals are unstable molecules that are damaging to your skin. Our skin gets more prone to these free radicals in the morning.

Because during the morning our skin is exposed to UV rays and air pollution more because our bodies are more active during the daytime.

The products with a high oil ratio can easily become oxidized because of light It can create free radicals that are not good for our skin.

1) In The Morning

That’s why we want to recommend lotions or creams with less oil content and more water content. So it’s better to use lotions or creams that soak into your skin fast that have less oil content and more water content so that it can let our skin breathe

2) Nighttime

Nighttime is the time that our skin gets regenerated, rejuvenated, and restored.

You need to add extra moisture to your skin so that it can calm and soothe your skin and sink into your skin slowly over time as you go to sleep.

For night time we want to recommend that you use a thick layer of lotion or cream and on top of it use a layer of butter or oil to seal it


Something that you should be careful of is that oil can clog your pores so for the areas that are more prone to acne-like your chest area.

We want to recommend that you use lotion types or creams to prevent stretch marks so please do remember that you should use the products in the order of lotions creams, butter, and oil

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There are so many stretch mark products out there in the market, right We really hope that this article was helpful in choosing the right stretch mark product for you.

In the second episode, we’re gonna talk about how to care for red stretch marks that have already formed.

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