There are several ways to enhance oxygen levels naturally, and one of the most effective is pranayama.

Pranayama is an ancient practice that involves breathing techniques, and it can improve lung capacity, enhance blood circulation, and help the body absorb oxygen.


Proning involves lying on your stomach with one pillow under your upper chest and another pillow under your hips.


This position helps open the alveoli units, which are responsible for oxygen absorption.

Equal breathing

You should inhale slowly and fully and exhale slowly and fully to make your breath equal. Try doing this for 30 rounds in a day.

Clavicular breathing

Bring your arms up to the shoulder level, inhale and push your chest upwards, and exhale and relax your chest and shoulders.

Intercostal breathing

Keeping your hands on your sides and breathing in, expanding your ribs from the side, and breathing out, contracting your ribs from the side.

This movement helps increase the capacity of the intercostal muscle, which can enhance oxygen absorption.

Diaphragmatic breathing

Lie down, and while inhaling, you bring your abdomen slightly up, and while exhaling, you push the abdomen slightly down.

It's crucial to understand that these techniques are only an aid and not a replacement for proper medical care.