Acne or pimples is the most common skin problem and about 40-50% of Americans deal with it daily.

Doctors are saying that masturbation is not the reason for acne but I will share my experience on this and give you simple techniques to stop them.

Remember regardless of how old you are, or how often you masturbate or you have sex acne will pop up.

Persons who masturbate always experience that whenever he/she masturbates the number of ance increases rapidly.

But Mastrubation dosnt cause acne. Its true masturbation affects hormonal levels but it doesn’t cause acne.

It’s true that acne can cause people of all ages but in teenagers, it’s because of Puberty.

Masturbation can lead to a very little increase in both males and females and that the temporary rush in the hormonal levels is so negligible.

During puberty, the body produces more testosterone and other androgens like adrenarche.